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Illustrated Poster (2022)

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Some frequently asked questions
Illustration of a rubber duck with a beard wearing a Normal Sport hat
What is the best way to listen to the audio version?
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Computer: Click the link, and it should download to your desktop. You can unzip the file and add it to your audiobook reader of choice (i.e. Apple Books)

Mobile: Click the link, click download and the zipped file should be in "files" on your phone (search for "files"). Once you find it, click the zipped file, it will unzip, and you can then import it into an audiobook player like BookPlayer or MP3 Books. It will unfortunately not open in Apple Books on iPhone.

Why did you only make 320 hardcover books and why are they so expensive?
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I’m a big believer in scarcity. I’m asking you to pay a lot for a physical product, and because of that it should feel special. It should feel like only a limited number of people have the nice, handcrafted artifact you are holding. You should feel like you’re being treated to the five-star experience everyone at LIV received!

Why don't you ship internationally?
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Sorry about that, we couldn't figure out how to make it work financially this year. Hopefully Jeff Bezos will purchase Whistleharp Publishing over the next few months and logistics become a lot easier. Until then, we hope you enjoy our digital products!

Why are you selling on a website and not on Amazon?
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There are a few reasons, but the primary ones are 1. Amazon takes a preposterous cut of the revenue on digital books 2. This was mostly meant to be a standalone digital product because of how rich the illustrations are (it’s difficult to format it in such a way to make it pop on Kindle like it does as a PDF) and 3. I wanted to custom mail every hardcover copy and let my kids earn some money for helping in the process.

Can I read it on my phone?
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You can do that, although reading a PDF on your phone is a bit more straining because of how small the text is. This project -- because of how rich the illustrations are -- was always meant more bigger devices like iPads.

How do I receive my digital copy?
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At checkout, you should get a download link (you may have to refresh your browser). If you don't see it, a download link will also be in your inbox.

What if I can’t figure out how to download this thing?
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You can email me at

Can I gift this to someone?
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The best way to do this is to just put their email in at checkout and pay for it. They'll receive a download link to their email, and you'll always be the person who introduced them to golden calves jokes about Phil and Vince Carter GIFs.

Are you worried about people buying one copy and sending it to 100 people?
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Oh I suppose. Perhaps I'm too trusting of folks, but I just presume most people will care enough about it to purchase it for themselves. If you work hard enough, you can steal most digital products. I'll never win that war. But I'm grateful for everyone who appreciates the time, effort and energy that were put into this project enough to throw $20 at it.

Who did the illustrations?
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Jason Page. He’s incredible. Hire him if you have a project. You can find him on Twitter here.

What was the inspiration for this format?
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Shea Serrano's excellent essays on The Office and Scrubs, which you can find here. He was the first person I recall saying, "Yo, I'm just going to make a digital book the way I want to make it." And of course, it was great.